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lift gas spring YQ6/15-2
lift gas spring
lift gas spring
lift gas spring
lift gas spring
lift gas spring
lift gas spring
lift gas spring

lift gas spring YQ6/15-2

Compressed gas spring could be used to cabinet, wall bed and others furniture's support parts.

Product Detail


The working principle of the lift gas spring is to fill a closed pressure cylinder with inert gas or an oil-gas mixture, and use the pressure difference generated by the cross-sectional area of the piston rod to be smaller than the cross-sectional area of the piston to realize the movement of the piston rod.


The lift up gas spring can change the working length of the spring by adjusting the compression of the gas. Therefore, it is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles and other fields to adjust the suspension height of the vehicle to optimize driving performance.


The lightweight advantages of gas springs: Compared with traditional metal springs, gas springs vertical lift are made of lightweight materials and are lighter, which can reduce the weight of the entire vehicle and improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. In the aviation field, super gas springs are also widely used to reduce the weight of aircraft structures, improve lift-to-mass ratio, and increase load capacity.

Application scenarios:


Cabinet door

Car trunk support

Hood support

Tool box lid support

Trolley lid support

Aircraft luggage compartment cover



Gas Spring Lift type 15/6:

Cylinder tube:φ15mm, Piston rod:φ6mm, Stroke length max.:150mm, extension force: 50-300N


Stroke B (mm)

Extended length A (mm)

Extension force F1 (N)

Ref. No.



Select extension force F1:
If you wang to customized others length, please contact us for your individual layout.










































1. What are JUTENG gas springs filled with?

Only nitrogen is used as the pressure medium in JUTENG gas springs. About 75% of the air we breath consists of this gas. Nitrogen is absolutely safe and harmless to health. In addition, nitrogen does not burn. On the contrary, nitrogen is used in the chemical industry to prevent and extinguish fires. In addition, every JUTENG pneumatic spring contains flame-retardant oil to lubricate the seals and to achieve certain functions, such as damping or rigid locking.

2. How high is the pressure in a gas spring?

The filling pressure of JUTENG gas springs depends on the extension force and the geometry and is between 5N and 3000N.

3. Should gas spring be installed with the piston rod facing up or down?

In general, gas springs should be installed with the piston rod facing down to ensure the piston rod seal is lubricated and to reduce the permeation of nitrogen through the seal. However, the opposite installation may be necessary in some special cases, for example if the gas spring requires a very specific damping characteristic. In such cases, the lubrication of the piston rod seal must be ensured by special measures (space mat).

4. What is "F1" force?

The "F1 force" is the designed force of gas springs. This is measured when the piston rod of the gas spring is extended to 5 mm. It should be noted that the measured point of a significantly shorter position is approached with a defined speed and the value of the "F1 force" is read only about 3 seconds after the measurement devices comes to a standstill. The measurement must take place at 20°C gas spring and room temperature.

5. Does the force of the gas spring change when displacing the piston rod?

Yes. The inner volume of the gas spring is closed to the outside. This means that the filled gas volume can only occupy the free space in the pressure pipe that is not needed for components or oil. By pushing the piston rod in, this free space [V] is reduced by the inserted piston rod volume. Because the same gas volume has a smaller volume available, the pressure [p] in the gas spring increases.

6. Can gas springs be repaired?

No. All gas springs and dampers are by a plastic deformation of the external pipes during production. This makes it impossible to open the gas spring to replace individual components without destroying it.

7. How long can the gas springs be stored?

The storage of gas springs has no negative consequences on their function if it is ensured that the piston rods point down and no dirt accumulates on the piston rod. If gas springs are not actuated for a long time, they only have a slightly increased amount of friction during the first retraction. However, this effect is equalized after the first actuation and the gas spring then again exhibits the usual friction values.

8. Does the temperature affect the function of gas springs?

Yes. However, three temperatures ranges must be distinguished between. Between -40°C and +80°C (operating range), the temperature only affects the pressure of the gas in the gas spring.

The temperature has an additional effect on the damping behavior of the gas springs. The temperature increase makes the oil be less viscous, which reduces the oil's resistance to the flow of the piston. This results in less damping. Likewise, the damping increases with a lowering temperature.

Manufacturer superiority:

We are a gas spring manufacturer with 12 years of production experience. The company has advanced automated production equipment, and the daily production volume can be as high as 100,000 pieces per day. A complete product quality management system can ensure a 100% qualification rate for gas springs without any defective products. The excellent R & D team provides strong driving force in product development, ensuring that customers are provided with excellent solutions and perfect new products. Coupled with efficient company operation management, gas springs can have a more competitive product price. The company's product lines have spread across all walks of life, including support gas springs, controllable gas springs, dampers, tension gas springs, etc. These product types can be widely used in various fields. In addition, in order to better promote our products, we provide customers with a 5-year warranty commitment for gas springs.

Compressed gas spring could be used to cabinet, wall bed and others furniture's support parts.

Note: Because the gas spring is non-standard, the above is only part of model. We could customized according to customer's requirements.

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