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  • Satisfaction
    Our purpose is to satisfy customers.
  • Customized Projects
    To provide customized services to clients.Providing superior solutions according to customers’ requirements.
  • Professional
    We have a professional technical team with ability to research and develop new products by ourselves, and improving the product performance better than
  • Quality
    Strict quality management system, to ensure that products pass rate of 100%.
  • Customer service
    Owning mature after-sales service to make customers no worries.
about us
Changzhou JuTeng Gas Spring is a professional China manufacturer of exceptional quality gas springs, with facilities in the beautiful Province of Jiangsu. With over 10 years of experience in design and manufacturing in the the automotive, machine building, furniture, white goods, medical and durable goods industries. and supply multiple gas spring solutions, from high volume gas springs to custom gas springs which have successfully withstood the rigors of being launched and operated in space.
design service
1,If you know what type and size of JUTENG gas spring you are interested in, please complete a Request for Quote form.
2,If you require help in determining the correct size and force for your application. JUTENG offers free computer aided gas spring design services. You could according to gas spring details form Corresponding to the need to provide the parameters and check it with a side-view drawing of the application under below. Please send email to me: gasspring@czjuteng.com.
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