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While the gas spring is a simple device, correct use in even simple applications can be complex and time consuming. To save engineering time and simplify the process, JUTENG offers two methods to meet your needs:

1,If you know what type and size of JUTENG gas spring you are interested in, please complete a Request for Quote form.

2,If you require help in determining the correct size and force for your application. JUTENG offers free computer aided gas spring design services. You could according to gas spring details form Corresponding to the need to provide the parameters and check it with a side-view drawing of the application under below. Please send email to me: gasspring@czjuteng.com.

And tell me application form details:

Weight of Lid (W=lbs.)

Opening Angle (Ø=°)

Distance from Pivot to End of Lid (L=in.)

Distance from Pivot to Center of Gravity (C=in.)

Thickness of Lid(in.)

Ambient Operating Temperature(℉)

Anticipated Number of Cycles per Minute

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