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JUTENG Gas Springs can provide more than just gas springs. With more than 40 years in business, JUTENG GAS SPRING stocks various spring and hardware products for any design or application in a range of sizes. For industries, such as commercial truck bodies that need more parts for access panels, covers, drawers, toolboxes, racks, and more, they can all be found in one place.    

Additionally, JUTENG GAS SPRING offers customized springs to meet the specific needs of the commercial truck and trailer industry.  

No matter the demand of the application, JUTENG can provide the appropriate parts to ensure reliability and ease of use. With access to a dedicated account representative and a wide range of parts at JUTENG, truck body upfitters can save time and money from not having to shop around and pay additional shipping fees.   

A partnership with clients is of high priority to JUTENG and can deliver exactly what they need when they need it. JUTENG understands the needs of special commercial vehicles and all the moving parts found in the storage compartments. For doors that open too quickly, damped gas springs are available. For parts exposed to the elements, corrosion-resistant pieces are accessible; and ensuring ease of use for all the drawers and hinges is of top priority.