2020/06/23| View:384

 low-mass locking gas springs represent up to 50% weight saving compared to traditional steel-bodied units.

Produced in a brilliant gold anodized aluminum, these springs are easily identifiable as the IGS Custom Line brand, known worldwide for their extended lifecycles, consistent force, reliability, and product value.

Primarily designed for use in aircraft interiors and seating, these springs were developed to reduce the overall weight of the aircraft and increase fuel savings for a large variety of OEM customers worldwide. Applications such as seating recline, leg rest, or full lay-flat VIP seats allow the springs to operate in a highly critical environment. 

Even though these springs are 50% lighter, they still maintain their ability to withstand high force output (500 lbs P1 designs are possible), long strokes (up to 20" in length) and either flexible or rigid designs. Overload designs also allow for manual operation in critical applications or emergencies