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How gas springs work
In physics terms, Force = Pressure x Area.
Therefore, by compressing nitrogen into the cylinder surrounding the spring, Nitro Springs work by making this internal pressure greater than the external pressure surrounding the spring. This difference in pressure consequently creates an outward force on the rod which encourages the gas spring to expand.

When in movement – either expansion or contraction of the rod – the gas within the Nitro Spring cylinder is passed through a small hole within the mechanism which lets the nitrogen be displaced from one side of the cylinder to the other, allowing greater control when the gas spring is in use.

Where are gas springs used?
➤  Automobiles
➤  Press Tools
➤  Furniture
➤  Medical
➤  Aerospace
➤  Firearms
➤  Industrial machines
➤  Doorways 


How can gas springs be used?
➤  Support an object in position
  Aid controlled movement